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How Much Does J.J. Watt Cost?

The Texans showed their confidence in Watt by giving him a four-year, $24 million contract. The Texans already had $11 million in cap space and needed to add significant cash for the offseason. By providing a big guarantee, the Texans can limit Watt’s cap hit in ’21 and push the bigger number to next year. This deal also comes with a nice side benefit. Wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins publicly “recruited” Watt on social media.

The Texans saved $17.5 million in salary-cap space and cash by moving Watt to Arizona. The Bills can sign the five-time Pro Bowler as soon as he wants. The trade will help the Texans in the long run, as Watt will join a contending team. However, he is no longer considered among the best players in his position. Nonetheless, his presence will help the team both on the field and off.

Listed below are the details of the contract that J.J. Watt signed with the Texans. The amount of the signing bonus was around $31 million, with a no-trade clause. The contract also includes a no-trade clause. Even though he turned 32 this month, Watt’s contract is worth $28 million. But it’s unknown if the money is fully guaranteed. The signing bonus was $12 million and he will receive $14.5 million this year. The rest of the contract is for two years and has a no-trade clause.

What is the Watt Brothers Net Worth?

The Watt Brothers are a dynamic duo who play professional football and are extremely public-spirited. J.J. has his apparel line with Reebok, has endorsed Papa John’s pizza with Peyton Manning and Bose headphones with Baltimore Ravens alum John Urschel. The two Watts also have several endorsement deals, including with Verizon, Ford, Yahoo Fantasy Football, American Family Insurance, and others.

Latest News on Watt

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