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With a new coach, what happens next for Taysom Hill?

For nearly as long as he’s been an NFL player, Taysom Hill’s name has been tethered to Sean Payton.

Payton, the now-former New Orleans Saints coach, took a chance on the former BYU dual-threat quarterback, claiming him off waivers in 2017 after the Green Bay Packers cut the then-rookie.

In the five years since, Hill — despite having not started 10 games at quarterback in the NFL (he’s currently at nine) — is a hot topic name in the league, largely due to his abilities as a utility player and Payton’s creativity in getting him on the field.

So, how will Payton’s departure change the outlook for Hill?

Both sides are in a tough spot — the Saints are tied to Hill’s contract, while still searching for the long-term replacement for Drew Brees. Hill, meanwhile, has proven himself to be a weapon from a utility position but hasn’t been a Day 1 starter, and now his biggest advocate is leaving New Orleans.

The biggest factors surrounding Taysom Hill for the Saints

His contract: In November, Hill and the Saints agreed to a unique contract extension that pays according to his position.

According to ESPN, the four-year deal would pay $40 million if he stays in his current role — as a backup QB along with playing at running back, wide receiver, and tight end, as well as special teams — but, can be worth up to $95 million if he becomes the Saints’ starting quarterback over the next four years.

For Hill, who was set to become a free agent after the season, the deal also comes with $22.5 million in guarantees.

Latest News on Taysom Hill

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