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Did Tom Brady Play at Michigan?

Did Tom Brady play at Michigan?

Yes! Brady played for two years for the Wolverines, where he was a backup quarterback for the first two seasons of his college career. He went on to throw 30 touchdowns and 17 interceptions as a sophomore, but he soon became a starter in the third season and started all thirteen games. In his senior season, he was named team captain and was an honorable mention for the Big Ten.

After graduating, Brady spent his junior season as the starting quarterback for the Wolverines. His performance earned him a spot on the team’s all-decade teams. In his senior year, he won 10 of the 11 games that he started. During this time, Brady was facing the highly-recruited local hero Drew Henson, a two-sport star and a “can’t-miss” talent. During his final year at Michigan, the plan was to start Brady and give Henson a rest and let him play the second half. That plan worked! Because of Brady’s success, Michigan won five of its first six games, and they finished their career with a national championship in 2008.

The Patriots signed Brady in the sixth round of the NFL draft in 2001. While Brady wasn’t the first pick, he was a highly successful player and was drafted fourth overall in the draft. As a junior, he completed 61.9% of his passes and finished with 2,427 passing yards and 14 touchdowns. His junior year was his only year at Michigan, but his stats improved the next season.

How Many Big Ten Championships Has Michigan Won?

As a team, Michigan has won a total of 43 Big Ten championships. The last time the Wolverines won a title in a single season was in 2003. Before that, Michigan had won only three outright conference titles. In that span, they’ve also won 18 games in a row. Their most recent conference championship was in 1997 when they beat USC.

Did Tom Brady play at Michigan?


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