Latest News on Kevin Durant in 2022

What is special about Kevin Durant?

With his versatile skill set, great shooting range, ability to finish plays at the free-throw line, and great use of athleticism, there’s no question that Durant is the most potent scorer in the NBA, and his numbers continue to stack up and prove that he stands alone at the top of this mountain.

Ranking the best scorers in the NBA is often a heavily debated topic, but it’s hard to argue against the case of a player like Kevin Durant, who has proven himself to be deadly with the ball in his hands just about anywhere on the court.

Durant has won the scoring title in three consecutive seasons and looks poised to repeat this feat this year, being only slightly behind (.4 points) Kobe Bryant for the league lead in points per game. Though Bryant is still ahead of Durant, a closer look at the numbers still shows that Durant is by far a more efficient and dangerous overall offensive threat.

What does Kevin Durant eat in a day?

Dinner is 7 to 8 ounces of a lean protein, either chicken, turkey burgers, steak (only once a week), or seafood again, which he keeps low carb if he doesn’t have a game the next day; if he does have a game, he includes whole grains such as wild rice, chickpea pasta or couscous.

Latest News on Kevin Durant in 2022

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