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Will the Houston Texans Still Trade Deshaun Watson?

Will the Houston Texans still trade quarterback Deshaun Watson

While the Texans will still need to trade quarterback Deshaun Watson, they have many reasons to do so. First, the Texans have three first-round picks in 2019: the Dolphins pick, the Eagles pick, and the Colts pick. And finally, the stud quarterback is under contract with the Texans through the 2025 season. He earns $10.5 million this season and has yet to practice with his teammates. He works out in a team facility, but he isn’t involved with the game.

The Texans snubbed Watson in January after he was named a candidate for a trade. The three-time Pro Bowl quarterback was the subject of 22 civil lawsuits alleging sexual misconduct, and the NFL and FBI are looking into the matter. Even so, the Texans are keeping the snubbing under wraps for now. Despite the rumors, the X-factor for the Texans’ decision to deal with Watson is that the Texans will not give up on him.

The Texans don’t have to rush a deal, but a deal should be finalized by the NFL trade deadline. That deadline is Nov. 2, and the Texans must deal with Watson before the deadline. If they don’t, he won’t be eligible for a trade. Moreover, there’s no way the Dolphins can trade Watson without his consent.

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