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Will Carson Wentz Be Released?

The question is “Will Carson Wentz be released?” This has been a hot topic in the NFL all offseason, as he is the best quarterback in the NFL and a free agent. His contract is up in 2020, and after that, he’ll make $25.4 million. In 2023, he’ll earn $39.2 million. After that, his cap hit will be only $24.5 million.

The Colts have opted to release Wentz, and that move may have a positive impact on his release. The NFL recently changed their COVID-19 protocols and increased Wentz’s quarantine time to five days. The NFL hasn’t decided on whether or not Wentz will play next season, but the quarterback is expected to be cleared by Sunday. Depending on the severity of his symptoms, he may be able to return to action Sunday against the Raiders.

The Eagles could opt to release Wentz if he doesn’t meet their salary demands. In the meantime, he can be traded for dead cap money. The question is, how much money can the Eagles expect from Wentz to get back? A former general manager suggested a $20 million payment for Wentz. This amount could be credited to the team’s 2020 ceiling credit. Then there’s the possibility that Wentz will sulk and act like a retired or suspended player.

Latest News on carson wentz

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