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Aaron Rodgers Expects to Be 100% by Next Week

After a week-long bye, Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers says he expects to be 100 percent for the Green Bay game next week. He had been receiving regular pain-killing injections. Earlier in the season, the quarterback said he was scheduled to get one in the middle of a game but didn’t take it. But after getting a steroid injection after the Christmas day game, he told reporters that his toe ‘felt better.

Packers QB Aaron Rodgers believes toe should be 100 by next week
Aaron Rodgers has been dealing with his toe injury since the end of the season. While he was quarantined for COVID-19, he has participated in team exercises and isn’t taking painkillers. He hasn’t practiced more than one day a week since. It is not known when he’ll be cleared to play.

In his last media availability, Aaron Rodgers joked that he’ll have to get a COVID injection to get better. This time, he showed off his toe in the Zoom news conference. It appears that his toe is in good shape and he should be able to play in the upcoming week. If he’s unable to play this week, he’ll miss the game in the coming weeks.

2022 NFL Playoffs – Whos In Whos Out?
2022 NFL Playoffs - Whos In Whos Out?

As of week 17, the N.F.L. playoff picture is relatively clear. The New England Patriots are in the lead and will face the Los Angeles Chargers in week 18. In addition, the Indianapolis Colts are in the thick of the race and will face the Carolina Panthers if they don’t tie the Chargers. The other four teams will likely battle the Seahawks and the Vikings.

The NFL playoffs will feature a new format that is different than a traditional bracket. Instead of seeding teams in order of record, the 1-seed team in each conference will face the lowest-seed in their conference. For example, the 7-seed would face the 1-seed in the Divisional Round. The best-vs-worst matchup will be the most anticipated game of the playoffs, while the second-worst seeds will compete in the other Divisional Round.

The playoffs are divided into two conferences. The NFC has four teams in the playoffs, while the AFC has two teams. The top seed in each conference gets a bye week in the first round and home-field advantage throughout the postseason. A team that makes it to the Super Bowl is deemed the No. 1 seed. The other four teams are called “wildcards.”

Trending News on American Football


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