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The Crimson Tide – Alabama Football’s Original Name

What was Alabama football original name

While the history of Alabama football is somewhat murky, there are several stories of the game’s origins. Some say that the name originated with a sportswriter named Hugh Roberts in the late nineteenth century. He coined the term after a 1907 game between Alabama and Auburn, which was played in a sea of mud. Although Auburn won the game, Alabama played well in the mud and the two teams tied 6-6.

One such story relates to the creation of the Crimson Tide nickname. The first known incarnation of the term came from a 1907 game between Alabama and Auburn. The players’ white uniforms had been stained crimson during the game. Afterward, a sports editor named Hugh Roberts described the team as a “crimson tide” in the newspaper, which became popularized by sportswriters.

According to the Birmingham Age-Herald, “crimson” was the team’s official name until the year 1906, when it was renamed “crimson white.” In 1907, the sports editor Hugh Roberts of the Birmingham Age-Herald first used the term “Crimson Tide” to describe the Alabama team. The name was original “varsity,” but headline writers soon shortened it to “crimson line” and “Crimson Tide.”

Who is the most famous Alabama football player?

Derrick Henry

The unanimous All-American selection was also the SEC Offensive Player of the Year after rushing for a school- and league-record 2,219 yards, which led the nation and was the fifth most in a single season by an FBS player in college football history.

Alabama football Latest News

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