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Where did Will Aaron Rodgers play in 2022?

Where did Will Aaron Rodgers play in 2022?

The question now is: Where will Aaron Rodgers play in 2022? The Giants have zero cap space and a dismal roster. The only team that could offer him a decent contract in Green Bay, which is currently searching for a new head coach. That’s an awful situation, but the Raiders are already playoff-bound and would be a great fit for the aging QB.

Where will Aaron Rodgers play in 2022
The Packers are the obvious choice, but the Raiders are also a viable option. Rodgers has a strong coaching staff and is still very young. The Raiders are an excellent team with young talent at receiver, left tackle, and tailback. They also have Jon Gruden, who would love to work with Rodgers. There’s no doubt that the Packers would be a good fit.

In addition to the Packers’ current talent, the Packers have a rich draft class, so if Rodgers were to be drafted today, they would be in the top five in the draft. The Dolphins have three first-round picks and could make a deal for Aaron Rodgers. In addition, they’d be better able to offer Rodgers a higher contract in the long run.

After the 49ers playoff loss, rumors of his departure from Green Bay have started. The quarterback has made it clear he was open to trade and has been open to a trade but did not expressly request one. While he may be back with the Packers in 2022, it’s not yet known if he’ll stay in the city after a successful season. If he stays in Green Bay, it’s unlikely he’ll be a top free agent in 2022. He may trade for a young signal-caller, such as Jordan Love.

Aaron Rodgers Landing Spots

The Packers left it open for the possibility that Aaron Rodgers would play his final game with the team, so it’s not a shock to see him shuffled around a bit. The question is where exactly will he land? The Giants are currently the favorite to land Rodgers, who has long expressed his desire to play in New York City. If the Packers were to trade him, they’d likely do it for his contract.

Aaron Rodgers landing spots What could be QBs next NFL team if he splits
Denver: The Broncos are among the top contenders for Rodgers to land in the AFC West, a division in which the Giants have struggled. The team’s offense and defense haven’t been as effective as they’d like, so they may move on to a better match.

Carolina: If Rodgers leaves Green Bay, Carolina is already in a position to land him. He’ll be reunited with Ben McAdoo, who was his quarterback’s coach in Green Bay from 2006-’13. The Panthers would have to pay up a bit for the top-tier quarterback, but McAdoo will inherit an offense that is reliant on Christian McCaffrey and superstar wide receiver DJ Moore. With the addition of 2021 second-round pick Terrace Marshall Jr., Carolina would be a playoff team.

Where will Aaron Rodgers play in 2022?

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